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The NWB LCC boundary closely follows that of the Northwestern Interior Forest Bird Conservation Region. The LCC falls within the boreal forest biome and includes Southcentral and Interior Alaska, most of the Yukon Territory, the northern portion of British Columbia, and a small part of Northwest Territories. The area includes over 330 million acres, and encompasses large portions of the Yukon, Kuskokwim, Susitna, and Copper River Basins. Close coordination with the Aleutian Bering Sea Islands, Arctic, North Pacific, and Western Alaska LCCs is imperative to ensure appropriate coordination on shared conservation interests.

The NWB LCC landscape also transcends international boundaries. Significant portions fall within each of the United States and Canada, and are subject to differing constitutional systems and requirements under law.
NWB LCC Geography


Landscape Conservation Cooperatives bring together conservation and resource managers to identify shared interests and pool resources to address landscape-scale stressors, such as climate change. The core process (box) is a series of steps to guide and inform a science strategy by integrating technical and social sciences; activities surrounding the core influence, or are influenced by, LCC directives and are inherently collaborative. Communication, flexibility, and coordination are key for effective adaptation.

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