Climate Change and Science Communication Paper Published

A new paper explores strategies for communicating about climate change. Building off experiences in Canada, the paper, Seven Strategies of Climate Change Science Communication for Policy Change: Combining Academic Theory with Practical Evidence from Science–Policy Partnerships in Canada, provides tested science communication strategies. From the paper’s abstract:

“Climate science communicators would benefit from a synthesized list of messaging strategies that is accessible and practical, but still supported by robust theory. We conducted interviews with participants in partnerships between climate scientists and climate policy makers in Canada. This revealed a number of favoured messaging techniques, which we then analyzed through the lens of communication theory (based on a combination of relevant literatures). The result is a set of seven ready-to-use science–policy messaging strategies vetted both empirically and theoretically.”

The paper is published in the Handbook of Climate Change Communication: Vol. 2, part of the Climate Change Management book series (CCM).

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