An inventory of resource management plans across the Northwest Boreal region

The management plan analysis categorizes and analyzes goals from 120 plans across Alaska and Canada. Graphic by Nicole Gustine, FWS.

Northwest Boreal Landscape Conservation Cooperative (NWB LCC) partners are working to collectively design a sustainable future for the people, cultures, and ecosystems in the region. To begin this difficult task, the partners asked for a review and synthesis of existing natural resource management plans, covering both countries and all four states, provinces and territories. The NWB LCC Steering Committee believes that it is important to both be in alignment with current goals and objectives for land and resources, and to build on the work already completed by agencies, organizations and research institutions.

The review summarized and synthesized 120 management plan goals within the NWB LCC geography. Goals and objectives from each plan were categorized to enable comparisons across plans. These top-level categories were cultural, economic, environmental, and social. This review of regional management plans can be a useful resource for anyone interested in the region and how the goals of different land managers both overlap and diverge across the northwest boreal region.

A summary of the results and a full list of all of the management plans and their goals are available here:

Summary document

Full report and goal explanation

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