Webinar – Conserving Nature’s Stage the Relevance of Geodiversity to Conservation Planning

USDA Science & Technology Training LibraryBoreal forests around the world are expecting large changes to tree composition, wildfire schedules, and land use. But not all will happen at once: vegetation composition will change faster than melting permafrost, which will change faster than more permanent geological features. The Northwest Boreal Landscape Conservation Cooperative is looking at geodiversity– the diversity of materials and processes that shape the earth as a method for building landscape resiliency by maintaining connectivity between protected lands. Dr. Dawn Magness of the Kenai National Wildlife Refuge has analyzed potential corridors across Alaska’s national parks and wildlife refuges. [https://nwblcc.org/?page_id=1108]

Dr. Paul Beier of Northern Arizona University, who’s work informed Dr. Magness’ work, will give an introduction to geodiversity in an June 8, 2016 webinar, with a special emphasis on soil’s role in biodiversity and practical applications of geodiversity.

June 8, 2016 — 10 AM Alaska

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