Webinar September 5th: Supporting the Earth Science Community through Holistic Data Management Approaches

Data from the North Pacific Anadromous Fish Commission’s Bering Arctic Subarctic Integrated Survey is visible in the portal Axiom Data Science built for the Marine Biodiversity Observation Network (MBON). Photo from Axiom Data Science.

A webinar will be held on September 5th at 12:00 p.m.(AK):

“Supporting the Earth Science Community through Holistic Data Management Approaches”

Presenter: Rob Bochenek, Axiom Data Science

This talk will describe the end-to-end cyber infrastructure developed to support stakeholders in the earth science community throughout the data lifecycle: from immediately after data collection, through numerical analysis and synthesis, visualization, and decision making, to data publication and reuse.

Over the last decade, Axiom Data Science has worked with state, federal, NGO, univeristy and private partners to develop the technologies and capabilities necessary to address many of the common challenges to data management, reuse, and visualization, including securely storing and sharing data within research teams and larger research campaigns; providing tools for scientists to perform reproducible analytical workflows; publishing data with standards-compliant metadata; assimilating and visualizing data in ways that allow data of heterogeneous types and spatiotemporal granularities to be be integrated, explored, and understood together; and efficiently accessing and analyzing high-volume data products including model results and satellite imagery. By integrating these capabilities, we have created an end-to-end data ecosystem that provides scientists with tools for meeting their data management obligations and performing collaborative analyses using reproducible workflows. The resulting system augments the impact, reuse, and accessibility of science research products by making them available to decision makers and other interested stakeholders alongside other observational, in situ, remote, and real time data products from other research and monitoring efforts.

Webinar Access:
Meeting number: 743 339 292
Meeting password: FdWKpa9*

Join by phone
Call-in toll-free number : 1-866-755-3168 (US)
Attendee access code: 402 119 14#

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