New study explores conservation scenarios in the Yukon Boreal Mountains

The Yukon Boreal Moun tainsare home to rugged mountains, high intermontane plateaus
and broad forested valley bottoms.

A recent study explores several multiple scenarios for networks of landscape-scale conservation areas across the boreal mountains of of the Yukon Territory.

In ‘Securing a Wild Future: Planning for landscape-scale conservation of Yukon’s Boreal Mountains,’ Wildlife Conservation Society (WCS) Canada’s Dr. Hilary Cooke utilizes new spatial analyses to

“…the study examines gaps, opportunities, and priorities for conservation across a region covering the southern 60% of the Yukon. Using an approach and tools developed by the BEACONs research group (, she examined thousands of scenarios for networks of landscape-scale conservation areas covering from 15% to 50% of the region to determine the best options for conserving the full range of natural ecological variability of the region, while also accommodating the scale of fire.”

The full report is available here:

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