Job opening: Program Vegetation Ecologist – University of Alaska Anchorage

Alaska Center for Conservation Science is hiring a Plant Ecologist to manage the Vegetation Ecology Program and to serve as PI on several extramurally-funded projects related to assessing and monitoring vegetation in arctic and boreal Alaska.

Alaska Center for Conservation Science (ACCS) is a center for research, education, and scholarship at UAA that is committed to providing the public, industry, and agency partners with information to facilitate effective biological conservation and management of the state’s natural resources. Our faculty and staff conduct basic and applied research, serve a wide range of data to the public, offer professional services, and provide educational opportunities.

At ACCS this position will manage the Vegetation Ecology Program and serve as PI on several extramurally­funded projects. The Vegetation Ecology Program assesses the distribution, status, and trend of vegetation types across Alaska. This includes writing ecological description, classification, mapping, and evaluation of vegetation types ranging from community-scale plant associations to landscape-scale biophysical settings. Some of the ongoing projects include identifying ecosystems and plant associations of conservation concern, delineating plant associations/assemblages, landcover mapping, arctic and boreal vegetation monitoring, and vegetation classification (specifically the crafting of the mid- and lower-level vegetation units of the National Vegetation Classification as they apply to arctic and boreal Alaska).

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