National Invasive Species Week – Alaska Resources

Invasive species pose a risk to places like Kanuti National Wildlife Refuge in Alaska’s interior. Photo by USFWS.

National Invasive Species Week runs from February 27 to March 3, 2017. There are several resources in Alaska to learn more about invasive species and ways to prevent their introduction and spread.

1. Alaska Department of Fish and Game Invasive Species website for reporting vertebrates.

2. Alaska Department of Natural Resources Invasive Species website for reporting plants.

3. UAA’s Alaska Exotic Plants Information Clearinghouse (AKEPIC) – includes a database and mapping application that provide geospatial information for non-native plant species.

4. USFWS’s website for Ecological Risk Screening Summaries of invasive species – includes species background and habitat suitability modeling results for aquatic invasive species in the lower 48.

Thanks to Aaron Martin at USFWS Fisheries and Ecological Services for links to online resources.

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