Upcoming Alaska Fire Science Consortium Webinars

The Alaska Fire Science Consortium will host two webinars in February.

The Alaska Fire Science Consortium is hosting two webinars in early February:

New Tool for Future Scenario Building for Alaska Fire Managers
DATE: Wednesday, February 1, 2017
TIME: 10:00-11:00 AKST (11:00 PST, 14:00 EST)
PRESENTERS: Courtney Schultz, Colorado State University
Paul Duffy, Neptune Inc.

In 2016, the JFSP funded an Alaska proposal “Impacts of Climate and Management Options on Wildland Fire Fighting in Alaska: Implications for Operational Costs and Complexity under Future Scenarios.” As a first stage in this work, investigators are designing an interactive scenario-building web tool for managers that will be unveiled at an upcoming Webinar on February 1! You don’t want to miss this webinar so register here!: https://attendee.gotowebinar.com/register/7613618124002710787

After the webinar, the project team plans several opportunities for managers to help guide the project’s next steps. Initially, webinar participants will provide feedback to the project using a 5-question survey to share current perspectives on Alaska fire management. In the next stage, investigators will host a video teleconference with a panel of interested fire managers to understand possible future management priorities and options, challenges, and capacity and cost implications that are meaningful for the scenarios. They are looking for volunteers, so if you are willing to participate in this 3-4 hour virtual discussion please fill out this poll ASAP: http://doodle.com/poll/74ktffkxqnvnmevc

Ultimately, the research intends to: (1) to evaluate the implications of climate change for fire in Alaska using various climate models/emission scenarios, (2) to evaluate if/how various management options can be employed to meet management objectives, and how they influence future fire regime characteristics, and (3) to evaluate how management options influence fire costs and other resource needs. The project team will present on model outputs and fire management options at AFSC’s spring workshop in late March. Visit the AFSC website for more about this project.

LANDFIRE: Introductory data product review for Alaska
DATE: Friday, February 1, 2017
TIME: 10:00-11:00 AKST (11:00 PST, 14:00 EST)
PRESENTER: Wendel Hann, Landscape Fire Ecologist, Wildland Fire RD &A

This webinar focuses on the LANDFIRE Data Product Review website (https://landfire.nkn.uidaho.edu/) with a brief overview, demonstration of website processes, and discussion. The purpose of this site is for people to review LANDFIRE data products and submit site, zone, map rule specific or general feedback. The feedback and suggestions will be reviewed both within and external to LANDFIRE and potentially improve future mapping updates and remaps. Feedback export mechanisms are designed to support local map enhancement and enhance field ground truth data. This introductory webinar occurs in advance of another upcoming Alaska webinar with focus on EVT/Disturbances scheduled for 2/16/2017 (https://landfire.nkn.uidaho.edu/about).

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