New Paper Explore Best Practices in Coproduction of Science

The new papers is published in Conservation Letters.

As resource managers and decision makers face a future in which many decisions and scenarios include increased complexity and uncertainty, a new paper published in Conservation Letters proposes several ways in which participants can best work alongside one another in an integrated system, here called coproduction.

“…whereby managers, policy makers, scientists, and other stakeholders first identify specific decisions to be informed by science, and then jointly define the scope and context of the problem, re-search questions, methods, and outputs, make scientific inferences, and develop strategies for the appropriate use of science. Here, we present seven recommended practices intended to help scientists, managers, funders and other stakeholders carry out a coproduction project, one recommended practice t oensure that partners learn from attempts at coproduction, and two practices to promote coproduction at a programmatic level.”

The new paper is published in Conservation Letters. The paper, A How-to Guide for Coproduction of Actionable Science, can be accessed here.

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